Sky Q is the flagship brand from Sky and is not just a service, but a complete family of devices. It incorporates a number of enhanced elements over Sky+ boxes, while still providing many of the features you expect from the TV company.

There are a range of Sky Q hardware devices, starting with a top-of-the-range 2TB Sky Q set-top-box that’s the brains behind the outfit and designed to sit in the living room, much like the lesser- specced Sky+HD box. There is also a second main set-top-box, the Sky Q 1TB box, that has a smaller hard drive and lacks some features (such as Ultra HD support), but is a great alternative for those on a budget.

Benefits of SkyQ

  • ​Record upto 6 channels and watch a 7th
  • 4K UHD Viewing (2TB box only)
  • Split screen viewing
  • Multi room wirelessly (broadband needed)
  • Watch Netflix and YouTube through your SkyQ box
  • Pause in 1 room, and continue playing in a separate room Mini Boxes can be moved from room to room
  • SkyQ box has single feed mode which can run off 1 cable
  • Bluetooth remote (so can install SkyQ box in a cupboard and close it) Voice activated remote
  • Download recordings to a phone or tablet and watch on the go

    There are other devices and ways to connect too, with a Sky Q Mini box to extend the Sky Q experience into other rooms, a Sky Q Hub internet router, Sky Q apps for mobile devices and a Sky Q Touch remote.

    The result is all-encompassing, letting you watch what you want, where you want and whenever you want. It offers things like a more integrated EPG, multi-room solutions and the ability to view and save recordings onto mobile devices to watch on the move.

    The current Sky Q set-up requires a satellite dish connected to either the 1TB or 2TB set-top-box, but from 2019 Sky will also be launching a version of Sky Q that works over broadband internet only.

    Upgrade block to SkyQ

    After a survey has been carried out and the Managing Agent has agreed to the terms of the upgrade we are able to return to the said block and upgrade the existing Communal TV System to be SkyQ compatible.

    When an upgrade takes place we also correct any issues on the original system which would have been identified at the survey stage. This not only enables your block to be SkyQ compatible but it will also increase the functionality and coverage of the full Communal System.