9 Wire Satellite System

The system outlined above is an example of a 5 wire IRS which provides digital terrestrial TV (Freeview), FM, digital radio (DAB) and Sky. However there is also a growing demand for satellites other than Sky to be included such as Hotbird, Astra, Arabsat and Nilesat.

Each extra satellite requires an additional dish to be installed, four extra cables to be run to the headend, further amplification equipment and a different kind of multiswitch.

So an IRS system with two satellites is referred to as a 9 wire, three satellites as a 13 wire and four as a 17 wire system. With the inclusion of extra satellites it is recommended to run additional cables to the TV points.

It is possible to view multiple satellites from a single Quad socket but this means “looping” satellite receivers together which can cause “crashing”.